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November 22nd, 2010 - by Angela

thanksgivingI really, really like this time of year.  After enduring the hot summer, I love the cooler weather and all of the Fall/Winter holidays.  I also like how people’s attitudes seem to change some during this time of year.  They are more thankful, giving and caring.

In view of this, I often ask my students in class what they are thankful for this time of year.  Because we are in a training class at their corporate location, I often get answers relating to their work, job, company, etc.  I think it is great that they can reflect back and see the good that comes from their job or from the organization they work for.  Often, I know that I get bogged down in the details and tasks of my job that I fail to think about the big picture of my job/career.

As we struggle back from the economic recession, many of my students admit that they are just thankful to have a job.  Others say that they enjoy their work team and even like their boss/supervisor.  My favorite comment is when they say they are thankful for the great stuff learned in class and for a good trainer. In most classes there is one person that is determined to remain a pessimist and decides to not have anything to be thankful for that day.  I usually try to encourage them but then leave it alone.

Of course, as I’m talking about being thankful in class, I think, “I need to blog about this!”  Here is my technology and training “thanks” list for this year:  Office 2010 and Windows 7 (and enough work to be able to purchase both), great students, wonderful organization to do training for, blog ideas that come from no where, and getting to do the job I love for another year.

What are you thankful for this year?  Leave a reply in the comments and let me know!

Lending a Hand

December 7th, 2009 - by Angela

volunteering11As I was recently reflecting on Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I made a list of all of my blessings. (Amazingly, I don’t think of training all day every day!)  Making my list took longer than I expected.  There were so many blessings!  I actually do this daily on a smaller scale, too.  I think of three things that I am grateful for each day.  About five years ago, a friend and I started emailing these three things to each other every day.  What a difference it makes in my daily outlook!  

When I look at all the blessings I have, I see that I have so much while those less fortunate may not have as much.  At that point, my thoughts often turn to ways that I can give back or help others in the community. I see every day how much our communities benefit from volunteerism.  My Versitas colleagues feel the same way.  We all know how many services and organizations could not run without their volunteers. 

During this holiday season, I know that many people look for ways to give back within their community.  They sponsor a child or family on the Angel Tree, give to the Salvation Army, or volunteer in a soup kitchen. I think it is important to do this all year round, though.  I’ve included a list of volunteer opportunities with links to the sites for those organizations.  You can start volunteering this holiday season and hopefully continue throughout 2010. 

1. Volunteer Match - Don’t know where to start? These folks can hook you up with a need in your community.  

2. America’s Volunteer Database - The U.S. volunteer database for opportunities around the country.  Another place to get started. 

 3. Feeding America - (Formerly known as America’s Second Harvest) Volunteer or donate at your local food bank. 

4. Red Cross - Many volunteer opportunities ranging from giving blood to helping after a disaster. 

5. Idealist - Another great database of volunteer opportunities. 

There are many other organizations within our local communities that desperately need volunteers.  Some groups even need virtual volunteers, which would allow you to help even with a busy schedule.  I hope you’ll check into one of these opportunities or just reach out and help a neighbor in need.  Think about lending a hand today, it’s a truly rewarding experience!